Key Performance Measures

Welcome to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Performance Measures site.

Every day, Kansans rely on our transportation system to get people and goods where they need to go safely. Collecting and acting on performance measure data is critical to ensuring that KDOT is making the best decisions possible to deliver a quality transportation system as cost-effectively as possible. The data collected and shared with the public through the Kansas Strategic Measures and the Federal Performance Measures reporting systems is an opportunity to inform transportation users on KDOT’s vision, mission, and values, and its progress in achieving the associated goals. Kansans are encouraged to review the targets and hold the agency accountable for achieving those targets. Questions about the information on this site can be sent to

Performance Measurement Goals

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Understand and advance progress toward organizational goals and objectives

Communicating Value icon

Communicating Value

Performance transparency aligned to taxpayer interests

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Continuous Improvement

Empower employees, establish clear service performance expectations, inform decision making

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Fiscal Stewardship

Allocate taxpayer dollars efficiently to reduce costs

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